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Terabit Enterprises is a software development and consulting company focused on the development, audit and optimisation of high performance networked applications.

Tools and customisation:

  • TProactor (ACE compatible Proactor) - add-on to ACE class-libraries, which allows using of ACE Proactor pattern on POSIX platforms. Major benefits:
    • one code base on MS-Windows and all flavors of UNIX (Proactor pattern);
    • in many cases add-on Proactor improves performance up to 2 times (compared with Reactor);
    • easy to add platform specific small driver to tune-up the system to get maximum possible performance;
    • one code base for SSL and non-SSL implementation of the same solution.
    • better scaling for multi-CPU machines
    • minimized number of memory allocations and pooling of asynch results
    • simplified Proactor internal design with compatible interface with old Proactors
    For more information see our White Paper page.

    The source code of TProactor for is available for download below:
    • TcpCannon - stress testing tool for any TCP/IP servers (including WEB servers) and TCP based protocols(FTP,SMTP and HTTP).
      TcpCannon is a distributed stress-testing environment, consisting of a set of slave attack execution servers configurable and controlled from a central Management Console. The slave servers execute scenarios according to the directives received from the main console. For example, it is very easy to organize extensive bombing attack on any TCP/IP server. The Management Console provides well developed visual graphical user interface to create/edit scenarios and testing tasks. Also, TcpCannon is very helpful and highly recommended for:
      • protocol compliance testing and
      • client or server sides emulation during the development of TCP-based protocols. TcpCannon screen-shots...


    • ACE development and extensions.
    • Integration of ACE and other libraries. We provide standard design patterns for mixed environments:
      • ACE + COM;
      • ACE + any GUI libraries, implementing Model-View-Controller(MVC) paradigm (XVT, MFC, etc);
      • ACE + LDAP;
      • ACE and other SSL vendors;
    • High-performance multiplatform network solutions.

    Architectural Consulting and Solutions:

    • Performance audit, identification of bottlenecks and potential failure conditions.
    • A universal asynchronous event-dispatch mechanism incorporating:
      native OS AIO facilities (Win32 and POSIX AIO).
    • Conversion of most efficient, OS-specific events detection mechanisms into a single asynchronous pattern:
      • Linux RT signals;
      • Linux /dev/epoll;
      • SunOS /dev/poll and SunOS completion ports;
      • FreeBSD kqueue.
    • General methods for the decomposition of application logic into a series of asynchronous events.
    • Various design patterns for using SSL (based on OpenSSL) that allow you to have single source code for SSL and non-SSL protocol implementation. The SSL patterns are based on OpenSSL library, but they can be applied to other SSL implementations:
      • Asynchronous SSL pattern;
      • SSL on messages queues;
      • SSL as module in ACE Stream;
      • SSL as I/O independent event-driven filter.
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